October 23, 2006

Oh god. Was hoping this might just be Monday morning horrifics, but think I might actually still be ill. Will have a bath and see if that helps.


2 Responses to “8.10AM”

  1. Dana said

    Good luck with that approach.

    The assistant director at my job found out about my last blog. He was searching for some obscure thing I had said one day about Erik Satie (because he wanted to find out more about it and impress me with his knowledge). Since I had written about that very same obscure Erik Satie thing on my blog, I was only one of four or five returns in his search. And thus my secret was uncovered. It hasn’t kept me from blogging, but it is a little part of why I moved to a new URL. I feel much better writing now that I know he doesn’t know where to find me.

  2. Dana said

    Oops. That comment was meant for the post above this one.

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