Emergency Anti-Depressants

October 28, 2006

You say
You take
emergency anti-depressants
I say:
I hope you don’t mean
an overdose.
You say no,
it’s impossible to overdose on
they’re made of bits of moon
and would only give you
strange dreams,
like cheese would
and you can’t overdose on cheese.

Emergency anti-depressants:
Like cheese
only chalkier
and tasting of
table dust,
or licking
the back of a frog.

Emergency anti-depressants:
taking one more pill
than is perscribed
when your feeling
even more crap than usual.
I ask if it works.
You shrug.


One Response to “Emergency Anti-Depressants”

  1. Dana said

    This is great. I’m still at my workshop, so I haven’t been able to read all your recent posts, but I did want to pop in and say that I really appreciate this poem.

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