Halloween Post

October 29, 2006

My boyfriend Damien has just exposed me to the most horrific thing I have heard in a long time. He’s a regular listener to a pod cast called Pseudopod. Every week they transmit a short (alternative fiction) story. I was halfway through dinner and still in the room with the laptop, when he flipped on the latest edition. It went on for 20 minutes or so and resulted in (look away now if you don’t want the same horror inflicted on you-though I’d never do it in such ghoulish detail ……..)  a man losing ALL his fingers.

He was a thief who’d cut the ring finger off this old girl who’d had a heart attack when he’d burgled her house. Turned out she wasn’t actually dead, when the bolt cutters did their work and her eyes snapped open. Also turned out that she was this voodoo lady when she cursed him with a smile and he spent the next few weeks of his life losing all his fingers. It was horrible. More than horrible. I hold my boyfriend entirely responsible for subjecting me to it and from now on will stick to the tame version of the show: Escape Pod. Incidentally, both these pod casts pay for stories, so if anyone out there writes alternative fiction, perhaps look it up…

Gonna be wearing gloves and hugging my hands for hours. 


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