November 30, 2006

On the seventh of December
the free range eggs from the Co-op
will have reached their expiry date –
and you will have left.

These two facts are as certain as each other,
randomly linked and I am
no more capable of keeping you here
then I am of halting

an organic process.
We have three more meetings to go.
three times more to sit in the same
egg box carton of a room,

your orange yolks of light,
pooling liquid like
between the upturned faces
of our two chairs.

If I was a conjurer – or a magic hen,
feathers braided in lame, gloved hands
moving like pale grey wings,
would I produce a

perfect untouched shell?
roll it in my mouth,
hold it in my hand,
again and again and again-

Or would I take my last egg
and boil it up with water
salt it for my tears and smiling,
eat it through them?

On the seventh of December
the free range eggs from the Co-op
will have reached their expiry date –
and you will have left.

The egg box is empty.
There will still be eggs.


9 Responses to “Eggs”

  1. ren.kat said

    This is so cool! (I have a poetic hobbyhorse with eggs that wind up in mouths and on tongues- )

  2. Thanks:)

    Just been trying to leave some feedback on yours but evil computer won’t let me! Will go try again.

  3. oops! My boyfriend appears to have been logged in on my site-hence we have a lovely picture of him, maskerading as me! Nooo! Mental replace his picture and name with mine!

  4. Sigh, no the comment box on your site just won’t let me post-no visual verification letters to type. So, I’ll leave my feedback here…

    I really liked the Keiko piece. I started with your bus(which was also great) then found Keiko on your audio list and was blown away – not by June Bugs though! I didn’t realise it was a response to the lying exercise I put forward a couple of weeks ago, but when I saw it was, I was so impressed-what an original solution!Especially loved the line about his glistening white belly and the moment when your prised from pink wellies and blown across the sea. Quite wonderful.

    Thanks for coming by my site. I’ll be visiting you again.

  5. Bice said

    You as a magic hen… interesting imagery. You weave and maintain long pieces so much better than I.

  6. I love this piece … the metaphor, the imagery, your mastery with words and emotion. Quite amazing my dear. Much peace, JP

  7. Bice-not so sure about that last bit-wish I had your control over form!

    JP-So glad you liked it-thanks for reading

  8. jillypoet said

    I love how you twine the two together–the eggs expiring and a relationship expiring. So clever. I like the repetition, too. Bookended. Nicely done!

  9. Thanks again Jilly. Always lovely to know someone else has read the words you’ve written.

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