Where have all the spiders gone?

December 13, 2006

They’re not extinct-
I’m on the second floor
and they can’t climb,
or not as well
as we thought
they could.

It’s been one year,
2 months, 12 days-
still nothing.
Even the summer
saw only crane flies,
falling out of air-vents,

tangled. The black blur
at the edge of my vision
is not a spider.
The blue shadow,
bleeding beneath the door-
is not a spider.

The dull ache
beneath my hairline.
The shudder trapped
inside my shin.
The glass for keeping
spiders in-

is always empty.
Too small. Too thin
to keep the things now
slowly taking over.
Not spiders.

4 Responses to “Where have all the spiders gone?”

  1. Thanks for that. Cool site btw..I mistake mange-tout for love all the time;)

  2. Peter Parker (not my real name) said

    (With the customary apologies for butting in to this late – or perhaps butting in at all)I can attest to the existence – indeed proliferation – of spiders on the ninth floor. Perhaps they’re working their way down, and haven’t reached you yet.

  3. Oh no! I saw one the other day-the first since I came here-but then it dissapeared…so I pretended it had never happened and hoped for the best. Oh dear !:/

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