Untidy Flats and Thieving Leicester Scum

December 16, 2006

Damo’s had his bike stolen. This is expensive, uninsured stolen bike number 2 . Which brings him in line with me in a scarily exact way.

Each of us foolishly left one of our expensive bikes unlocked-just prior to them being stolen. Each of us has carefully locked (with the kind of locking devise usually reserved for murders on day release) the other of our expensive and soon to be stolen bikes, just prior to them being stolen. In total this means we have now had 4 bikes nicked in the space of 6 months. Thieving Leicester Scum.

Damo said that he would chase in a rabid manner, the next hoody wearing kid he found loitering around our bike stands. I told him that not all hoody wearing youngsters were potental bike thieves.

The other night I observed 2 hoody wearing youngsters loitering around the cars in our car park, looking like they were about to try and spring one of the locks. Later the guard also told me that he recently had to chase a group of hoody wearing youngsters away from the bike rack I keep my own expensive, not yet stolen, bike number 3 in. Hmmm.

So, Damo has gone off to buy his expensive bike number 3. Neither of us drive, so our bikes are as important to us as cars are to other people. I have elected to stay here and tidy the flat. As you may like to observe, I am not tidying the flat. I am typing this blog post. Later Damo will come back and observe that the flat looks exactly the same as before he left. He will then read this blog post and understand. He may not even have to read this blog post to understand. Still, better he thinks I’m blogging than shopping on ebay.

Anyway, just off to do some shopping on ebay:)

5 Responses to “Untidy Flats and Thieving Leicester Scum”

  1. sabrina said

    Well we had a bike pinched from back garden that didnt even have a seat!
    Seriously – they’ll steal anything!

  2. Bastards, eh?! Thanks for dropping by Sabrina. Hows your writing been going?

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