Buttons, part 2.

December 19, 2006

The button necklaces are coming slowly, a situation not helped by my inability to be anything other than slightly self centred when it comes to pretty things. It’s been going something like this:

There, after an hour of fussing colour order, an hour of breaking wiring and an hour of actual making, I have in front of me a fairly attractive, slightly gothic and completely strung arrangement of large, black buttons. How clever of me to have had a person in mind when making this (my slightly gothic friend Niki) and to have completed something that I think she might like. Hmm, and isn’t it nice…very…shiny…glittery…I’ll just try it on…make sure it fits. Maybe I should just wear it to work tomorrow, see how it works out. Hmm. Maybe I should just keep this one and make my slightly gothic friend, Niki another one…

So far something like this has happened 4 times. I have made 1 button necklace to give as Xmas present. I have made 4 button necklaces to keep. I have also ended up with a load of buttons that don’t go with each other…resulting in me having to buy even MORE buttons that don’t go with them. Oh dear, dear, dear.

Right now, I am sitting in my tiny flat, peering over a laminate table top, strewn with buttons. I wonder, if I stare at them for long enough, would I be able to see them on my white plaster wall? Maybe, I could just leave all the buttons on the table and try passing them off as table decorations. I think I may be going a little mad.


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