Does Toby Litt Want me for a Friend?

December 20, 2006

I’m confused. A little while back I interviewed Lit Brit writer, Toby Litt for one of my freelances. His nearly latest book (Ghost Story) had just come out in hard back, so the article was half about that, half about his other work and mostly about the business of meeting him.

It was an alright meeting. I put on my special ‘I’m a journalist’ glasses- and my special ‘I’m a really good journalist’ blue velvet jacket. I don’t know which of us was more intimidated. Well, OK it might still have been me, but hey-the guy’s famous and I’d just finished reading all his books.

Anyway, I exchanged a couple of emails with him immediately after publishing; once to ask if I could pass his agents details on to a fan, once to tell him where he could read my finished article. He has a policy of not reading reviews, so declined. The emails were nothing fluffy. About a year ago I got what must have been a press release email about his latest book. This too was entirely understandable. However, yesterday I received another email:

Toby has joined Bebo and has requested to add you as a friend’.

This is the source of my confusion: why would Toby Litt want me as a Bebo friend? Is this just another press type thing, with Bebo being used as a mass publicity devise…or, does Toby really want to send me e-card on my Birthday? If I agree to be added to his list-and add him to my Bebo-should I send him a card on his birthday? Would that just be entirely inappropriate and over familiar-or not?-is that what he wants? Has he always remembered me and regretted the cruel circumstance of our not being acquainted? That his famous literati mingling lifestyle must keep him in London, while I, fantastic potential friend that I am, must remain in Leicester. Has this Bebo message just been sent to me accidentally, or Does Toby Litt want me for a friend?!

…I know I’m an angst ridden flower, but I have to have something to chew over. So – what should I do about it?

Answers on a comments box…

3 Responses to “Does Toby Litt Want me for a Friend?”

  1. Seriously demented stalker said

    Just a thought, Lydia, but why don’t you ask him?

    This is Andrew, by the way. I know this is rather late for a comment – and probably quite irrelevant by now – but my reading habits, like everything else in my life, are rather chaotic.

    Come to think of it, you probably won’t even see this, so it would have been better to go through the usual channels – MySpace – which I may yet do. Actually, it probably won’t even be posted, as I’m not registered on this site. I don’t even know why I’m bothering.

  2. No, no, I couldn’t possibly do that! That would ruin everything! The truth would obviously be way less interesting. I like my neurotic conjecture just fine, thankyou very much;)

  3. Same stalker as before said

    Ah, I now see that you’ve already posted an update to this entry, which I had overlooked. It’s very kind of you to act as if I’m not utterly irrelevant. If more people were like you, Lydia, the world would be a much better place.

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