Litt List

December 23, 2006

Well, There’s been a further development on the whole Toby Litt situation. I received another email, clarifying further his current position. Though I doubt very much he can have encountered my previous post, his next email began:

"I hope you don't mind getting this. If you do, just mail back to say so, and I'll take you off my contacts list."

It went on to direct me to a Myspace site. His Myspace site. I now feel humbled. There it is, the very picture that was used to illustrate my article, alongside a veritable entourage of his great and good ‘friend’ list. These people appear to be seriously glamorous. Up and coming writers, sexy looking photos, folks talking about their latest hot nights out. They all seem so ‘it’ .

Whilst thinking that Toby probably doesn’t know how un-it (un-litt?) list I am, I’m suddenly intrigued. Here is this genuinely famous, seriously good author making himself available to his audience. OK, so he probably won’t remember who I am, but still, it is after-all nice to be added.

I like his books and now know when his next (Hospital) is due out. I also get to comment gratuitously and masquerade as Litt-List. Is all so fab! Yay!

Do hope he won’t be offended by my earlier reticence. Girl’s gotta have something to blog about. Life’s not all poetry y’know 😉

4 Responses to “Litt List”

  1. They aren’t really that glamorous. Even I have a glamorous photo on the internet…it has no realtion to the reality. Although having met Toby, I can say he actualy does look like his author photo. But then its not a great author photo.

  2. Damien! I’m thinking of asking him over! I’m prob gonna have to delete that last thoughtless remark!

  3. oh no need to be jealous damien … you look far more glam than toby – in fact – it occurs to me – he looks like most of the london gay men’s chorus …

  4. I think Toby Litt is your “Secret Santa!”

    Revel in his affections 🙂

    Much peace, joy, blessing and Merry Christmas wishes,

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