Operation Button

December 26, 2006

The buttons have made it! All in all I gave out 5 necklaces. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like alot-especially considering that initial £45+ investment, but y’know – you’ve got to figure in my whole button angst thing.

After spending so long staring at them, pondering over colour combinations, size ordering, I started to experience real button insecurity. Were they any good, would people actually like them? etc. Consequently, I only risked them on those who like me too much to dislike my emissaries. People who were quirky/kooky in some small way. People, who had it in them to accomodate a necklace made of buttons.

Anyway , So far they seem to have been a success. Three out of five have given enthusiastic feedback and I’m thinking the other two have got to be just mid-text..or something…;)

So, phase one of Operation Button is complete, but I still have a sizeable quantity of them and EVEN a potential outlet to sell in. Time to commence phase 2: Operation Button Take Over World!!!

Oh, Happy Christmas btw;)

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