Laundry Tokens

January 16, 2007

So I say to the guy in the
square glass box they
get you doing all sorts,
don’t they? you in your
white starched shirt and your
thinning hair, counting up the money
setting the small black numbers
on the plain blue squares:
balancing the books of
someone elses wants.
I’ll take two wash
and one dry-and he
hands the tokens over
like a women reading palms.
Keeps me out of mischief
he smiles back up. One, two,
one, two, one, two, one, two
I roll them back and forth
like thinking stones inside
two shells-I need
something that like.

2 Responses to “Laundry Tokens”

  1. lifewords said

    Very nice. (I need something like that, too!)

  2. Don’t we all!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading. Love the look of your own site-you do some really interesting things with layout-found the bracketing in some pieces really effective too. Will be back to take another look soon.

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