Blogger Pain

January 20, 2007

Argh!! Earlier today I visited one of the blogs I have listed on my roll. I’ve been a bit off the radar lately-not posting as much and not surfing as much and if surfing-not commenting, as much.

This surfing and commenting is for me as important as the writing. Since starting to blog, being a part of an active community has really helped to stimulate my creativity. However, any regular visitors here will probably have noticed my output slowing -and as I involve myself less and am consequently involved with less, this makes matters worse. So, in step one of Operation Restore Lydia’s Creative Activity, I went surfing.

I began this morning by visiting the blog of Janepoe-and that’s where the best intentions went to weed. Jane Poe had writtten a really good poem on the subject of pain. It touched me because though the pain she was referring to was that of a physical nature, it was pain that had been getting in the way of her writing-and she was quick to dedicate the poem to pain felt by anyone in anyway. So, in a rather egocentric way it resounded for me. The pain of (if I’m honest) a malingering blue funk of depression I’ve been swimming in lately-splashing up bubbles, getting in the way of my writing hands and creative thoughts..and then of course-the pain of not writing.

So, I thought, what better way to reconnect with my blogging community, sharpen my creative bones on the wet stone of someone elses writing-what better way than to read this very good poem and leave some considered feedback.

I left a comment. In addition to leaving another, shorter version of the above in Janes ‘leave a comment’ box, I also commented on some of the specific expressions she’d used. Pain as “An occupying force/Throbbing consequences/Of broken parts”. Also the idea of pain having a kind of existential crisis about itself-facilitated by the use of painkillers. I enjoyed reading the poem and I enjoyed leaving the feedback.

However, no sooner had I written out my masterpiece of feedback, did I run into problems. Blogger wouldn’t let me comment!! I tried signing in with my Google i.d. No go, I tried this several times. No go. I copied the text with the intention of pasting it up on my own site-but in between closing the Blogger window and opening mine I made the mistake of leaving the room…at which point my almost as evil as Blogger boyfriend swooped in and cut and pasted something else on the same computer…meaning that when I did return to paste my own cut-it had gone!

You know, this all wasted some minutes and caused me no small grumpy young woman rage. I’ve decided I don’t like Blogger. I’ve decided maybe my recent blue funk and lack of posting is all Bloggers fault. I don’t care that this couldn’t possibly be the case. I don’t care.

Jane, should you read this, will you speak to Blogger and tell it to play nice?

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