Not a mathematician

February 13, 2007

I am not a mathematician.
I have never been able to see
the equations, laid inside your skull
like symbols drawn on water.

But sometimes,
I have seen the oceans
move inside your pupil,
your orbits widen, round like lakes.

I have tried
but struggled
to spilt infinity, into more
manageable chunks of living-

I haven’t used loving, or kissing
or giving birth to another life,
or journeying the world – rucksack
stuffed with books and checks to go.

Though I have sometimes thought
of doing all these things.

I have not yet grasped
the theory of relativity. Though I know
that we are not the same person, yet somehow still
effect each others mass.

I can see, if not quite understand
how my body takes its flight,
with you not here
to anchor it on ground.

I am not a mathematician
but can still count
the space between our now
and then.


5 Responses to “Not a mathematician”

  1. Effing hell…thats amazing!

    You keep getting better and better.

  2. Yah, this is lovely. The second stanza especially grabbed me, the orbit/widen image is outstanding.


  3. tegraham said

    you carry the theme fluidly throughout, well done.

  4. ivoryfishbone said

    hope you got tulips and knickers but if you didn’t i think ‘effing hell … thats amazing!’ etc. is passably romantic and delightful as a second …

  5. catherine said

    I love the ending “the space between our now/ and then” (which is not to say, of course, that I didn’t love the rest, I just loved the ending particularly)

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