March 1, 2007

Like a Fire Engine,
but cylindrical
and not for burning letters
or for dousing them in water;
ink won’t run
or paper shred in flames

This round, red, treehouse-
insignia of her majesty, is quiet-
in winter topped with snow,
once in spring a sparrow
trying to lean a nest
inside its slot of mouth.

I’m writing to you about love.
Drawing archs in biro.
Spraying the pages
with roses,
white musk.

I’m feeding the padded envelope
into the dark and holding
the side of this thing
I usually only ever walk past.
I’m breathing and thinking
and slightly-

hanging back.
And this thing,
tired and hungry
in an age of email,
is waiting and watching
inside its-

hollowed out heart.
It’s listening for the moment
beyond the traffic
and the shouting
and the rain against its shell
that I let go and briefly-

my words belong to it.

….This is a [second] draft of my poetry thursday piece. Thanks to Ivory who reminded me to write it and apologies as I now may well be late to coffee with her!

8 Responses to “Something”

  1. Hmmm…this is sounding ominous.

  2. gautami said

    Hmm. This is interesting…

  3. splitends said

    Wow–I love the language and the mix of hesitancy/urgency. I’m not sure I have a strong grasp on the mystery of just what this is–whether it’s something more than a mail receptacle–but I’m happy to keep gnawing on it, or let it be a mystery…

    I like this very much.

  4. Chris said

    This is the first poem I have read that yelled MailBox at me, most I had no idea at all. Your descriptions and choice of words are wonderful. I love the line “slot of a mouth.”

  5. mary said

    Excellent! I wish you hadn’t given it away with “mailing hole.” I totally figured it out anyway. So lovely! I especially like the part about you writing.

  6. catherine said

    I’m late reading this – I enjoyed it very much

  7. Hi everyone,

    Glad you got it Splitends, Chris and Mary. Yes, just a post box. Think you’re right about the ‘mailing hole’ bit, Mary. Too direct-I’ve changed it to hollow heart- with I hope echos the love letter theme more too. Thanks again.

  8. Yes I saw Mail box from quite early on. I like the way you wrote this too and all the detail, especially the bird nesting….

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