Block Monster

March 8, 2007

Right. Lying propped up in bed, beloved laptop floating like a rubber dingy on my sea of orange blanket, throwing words out because it seems like that just might be the thing to do.

I think I’m blocked. Ok, I know I’m blocked. In a way I suppose it was only inevitable and on paper I can see exactly how this unfortunate state of affairs has come about. Things were going well. It’s as simple as that. When things have been going well for long enough, they have to start going badly for a little while. I’m sure it must be to do with chaos theory. A butterfly having a party in China, or something like that and before you know it the south coast of England has broken off and drifted out to sea. Or, Lydia can no longer write poetry.

I realise equating the death of 100’s of 1000’s of people with my slightly vexing spate of poor writing, might be erring slightly on the melodramatic side of things. Perhaps even a little mad sounding-and really, yes I know it’s not all that bad. Everyone must go through these weak phases, but still…my ability to write poetry appears to have turned into rather depressing brown sludgy stuff and I don’t like it.

Apparantly Ezra Pound once said that the best writing could often be found in letters. In writing to a friend,  a person would loosen up, be less self critical and censoring and enter into more of a flow. So-this is the purpose of this post- and maybe a few more too. I will stop trying so hard and just talk to you for a bit


7 Responses to “Block Monster”

  1. catherine said

    Flowers blossom, and then they don’t. They wither and die. And then the seasons come around and they blossom again. I prefer not to think of it as blocked. It is all just part of the cycle (am I getting soppy? I think it must be time I went to bed).

  2. Find the butterfly, I’m sure it has plenty of good material.

    When I can’t write and want to I usually string something stupid together than prune at it till it looks like a construction. Reading Wikipedia really helps too – just press the random page generator until you get something significant.

    Good luck, I’m sure it won’t last.

  3. thanks guys. Yeah, I think it’s to do with the freedom comission I’ve been shortlisted for (poetry thing, I know you already know about Alex) Ever since finding out the pressures been seeping like cold water round cloth boots. May try Rob Gee’s ( trick of ‘writing for the bin’..literally sticking it all down then pruning and hacking later. Bit like your suggestion Alex. And yes, thanks Catherine-that does help.

  4. or come out for gin and tonics


  5. Ah, so you’ve clocked my drink of choice…:)

  6. sean benjamin said

    like the rain dog thing its perculiarly warm….I love the line about “Rainbow cutting through the dark and the next line he learned to swallow really cool and imaginative..

    Well done..looking forward to reading some more of your stuff..

    Sorry about the bike and the pants..

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