Best Laid Plan

March 13, 2007

Ok, here was the plan:

Tuesday morning, I’ll get up early, go for a run and bopping back home like spring box bunny, overdosed on vitamin D, feel super energised to face the morning ahead. I don’t start work till 1pm today, so I was thinking Tuesday morning is ‘D’ a.m. I’ve got neurotic fish to fry.

This Saturday I’ll be attending the final selection round for the Freedom Showcase (an exciting comission I was insanely lucky enough to get shortlisted for, celebrating the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.) Anyhow, I’m meant to have prepared a run down of what I’d write if I got through and Tuesday morning – now, in fact, is the ideal time to try and do it.

What’s actually happened. I got up super early, went for my run, got back, had bath. Collapsed back into bed. Which is where I am typing from now. Sigh. I’m sure this never happened to Top Sante girl.

Maybe if I just shut my eyes for a few moments, I’ll wake up feeling more Sunny D? There’s laundry downstairs in the communal washers in need of removing before it winds up smelling like pee. But if I just rest my eyes for a moment…just for a moment….


One Response to “Best Laid Plan”

  1. ah,
    dear one.
    why is it that sleep is seen as negligent, or even a perfect waste of time? it is quite possible, quite probable, that while you were awake and thinking that going for a run was the best way to spend your time you were neglecting your ever important dreaming duties…who knows what would have gone undone if you had not closed those eyes and drifted off just in time into that other land to save who knows whom from who knows what? i for one am thankful, that is spite of your best intentions, you have rejoined your bed and taken up the proper position.

    and mess is just mess because someone has decided this is not the proper place for this thing at this time… and we all know good art is all about changing the standard position of things.

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