Plan B

March 13, 2007

Chocolate coated, cocoa dusted, whole almonds. Originally bought as part of a birthday present for my father, they escaped from the gift bag last night…the rest his history. After this mornings run and subsequent flop, I went to make tea and noticed there were still some left in the fridge.

Nuts are good for energy, aren’t they? Must be. A couple of fistfuls was all it took to send me moving (if not exactly vaulting) down the stairs to the laundry room. I think I rescued the bed linen, just before the pee smell set in.

Right. Back upstairs now. No more chocolate coated, cocoa dusted almonds left. They’re like heroin. Hm. Will have some water (swig) stretch fingers, try not to be distracted by my newly enthusiastic eczema, open up the Freedom email….

One Response to “Plan B”

  1. I think if chocolate coated almonds are like heroin to you, you should really stay well clear of heroin itself. I am familiar with the practice of eating chocolates one has bought as a present, it’s so tempting to eat them and re-purchase, especially since your mind is going ‘but, but – I never get nice things like this for ME’.


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