Girl Domestic

March 15, 2007

I should be spicking and spanning and
plumping and dusting and washing and
ironing and shaking and sucking
and lifting and wiping and smoothing
and putting out trash.

Not sitting here.
Mess slowly growing on carpet
like roots through a sleeping girls hands.
Thing is..

I don’t want no prince, no knight
no king, no count. I don’t want no warrior,
fighter, leader- to come and help me out
I don’t want some strong direction-
some thinly veiled remarks

I don’t want to have to blame
my boyfriend, flatmate – non existent child,
I don’t want to have to dis my
busy lifestyle, tons of stuff, or say it’s usually
tidier – that recently I’ve just been out.

If I was a man I’d be a lad
living it up in a bachelor pad
so why do i have to be a slob,
a lazy bitch that can’t keep house?
I like mess. It helps me think-

I like to watch it with a drink.
I like books that live on floors,
in little piles, that wait like dogs.
I think cleanliness is wrong.
A tidy house a boring tongue.

If you keep house
I’ll think your hiding
a dead body
in your side room
and if your house does smell of wax

I’ll just think I’m at my mum’s-
coz I am not a girl domestic,
I go out and I like resting,
I like doing things at once,
collecting stuff and bringing back-

and if my stuff starts
taking over maybe then I’ll tidy clothes up.
And in the hall I’ll try to downsize-
out with the hoover – and then –
the jay cloths…

5 Responses to “Girl Domestic”

  1. I don’t think you’ve seen my kitchen lately… but I applaud the sentiment.

  2. Lol. With this one I’m kinda experimenting with a Gee type style. Didn’t do so intentionally but the beat started to go all pappy at a certan point, so I cut the more ‘Poetic’ first verse and started as I meant to go on. It would be good to perform, i think…but I’m no Rob Gee so wouldn’t be quite as mobile! Ending might need work. Not sure. ‘Burn the J cloths’?…or maybe in with something else…’nick nacks’ would work sound wise but undermine the feminist-ish message-you know, little woman collecting nick nacks, etc..will have to think.


  3. hahahahhaha

    come round to mine … you’ll see …


  4. Lola said

    I love it. But what’s a jay cloth? I did a Google search, but although I find the term on British sites, none of them say exactly what sort of cloth it is.

  5. Hey Lola, Sorry not to reply before-it’s just a kind of cloth-guess a UK only one-we use them to clean windows and surfaces…but I don’t like it as an ending-will be looking again…

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