Time for an Adventure

March 31, 2007

Right. It’s Saturday in the UK. 10.08am and sparkling with crystal cold sunlight. Sky is blue, if birds are not singing – I live in the city. I can smell coffee and hear cars. I have decided: I am going out.

I was going to go for a run. That was the plan. But, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Not immediately anyway. Main reason: in the last half hour I’ve remembered the fabulous RAC (Richard Attenborough Centre) is having a jolly arts open taster day today. There will be printing, storytelling and jewellery making taster sessions!I did mention it to The Sparkplugs (poetry group I run there)-but don’t think everyone was there/listening. Ah well.

Sparkplugs/anyone else you might be interested: if any of you are out there in cyberworld and wanting to share an exciting hour or so with my fabulous self, ion non cyberworld – why not come down to the RAC today? I shall be there between the hours of 11(ish) and …who knows! If I go and it’s full, then I might leave…so if you are interested in the bit that involves my winsome company, maybe text me first;)

Did I just write an advert? Should I get paid? I’m inclined to think yes…if we all think about Lydia getting paid for long enough, maybe it’ll happen..?

Right. Enough of my mindless gabbing. The teabag in my tea is overstewed.Must remember to take them out before starting to drink the tea. Ick. The bottom of the cup is never nice. It’s time. I’ve got to do it at some point if I want my shiny plan to happen…it’s time to get out of bed.

2 Responses to “Time for an Adventure”

  1. She made me run.


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