Come the Revolution

March 31, 2007

Come the Revolution,
only the mad will survive
with their decades of training,

intensive confined
and used to the most
trying of circumstance,

the most limited of space
the mad with their
mad house training

will win the day.
Come the revolution
only the mad will survive

coz they’ve been getting the link
between diet, exercise
and world domination.

With their superfit regimes
of serotonined motion,
their regular meals

and omega 3
and lifting weights
to beat the shakes

at lifes dissapointments.
When the cities start to burn
and the towers start to collapse

It’ll be the
whippet lean mad,
vaulting over bannisters

and getting safely out.
Come the revolution
only the mad will survive.

Practiced in-
occupational therapy,
horticulture, meal cookery

art and design
it will be the mad
who are able

to make their own food,
paint their own shelters
and generally thrive.

Come the revolution
the mad will survive.
Everyone else

will go
quite mad
far too attached

to a status of fine-
it’ll be pencils up the noses
and pants on the head

but the actual mad
will be living like kings.
The madman in his bedroom,

the mad girl in her loft
they’ve been planning for collapse-
since the 911 bombs.

Come the Revolution
they’ll be ready for it
They’ll be there with their

and their whistles
and whirly gigs.

Come the Revolution
when the world goes mad
The mad will be saying:

we told you this would happen
you told us we were mad.
Come the revolution

Paranoia will be insight,
delusions of grandeur
will be-

quite justified.
Come the revolution
the sane will go mad

the nurses will be raving
the doctors need sedating-
And the mad?

Come the Revolution
the mad
will survive.

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