(Another set of) Ways to Escape…

April 5, 2007

a spike heeled stiletto
at a window.
If it is a shatterproof window
follow through
with an axe.

all your clothing,
starting with the
smallest items first.
you will find in the bra.

each item to the last
If you have your
pocket sewing kit
you might like to
strengthen the fabric.

the end
with the most give
around the window frame-
watching out
for broken glass.

the line of clothes
like all the washing,
choosing, fretting
you will never
have to do again.

till nightfall-
and look both ways,
before you start
the long climb

2 Responses to “(Another set of) Ways to Escape…”

  1. tomachfive said

    This is daring! To do something out of the ordinary and hope to God something brilliant occurs along the way!

  2. Strange
    and yet, very endearing.

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