Freedom Blues

April 13, 2007

As the more observant of you may have observed, my best intentions for NaPoWriMo have come to naught. Now, don’t go thinking I’ve been shirking. Living it up on the Costa Del, or slumming it  in decadent, debauched back street drinking..well, ok, I have been doing the latter a little bit-but I haven’t been enjoying it..not really..and I’ve also been flagellating myself on the altar of Freedom. You know, the showcase…the thing I’m being paid handsomely to write for-and which I am currently failing to do.

It’s all Elizabeth Herrick’s fault. I had my first draft but it needed going over-and now I suspect it’s becoming more and more overworked with every passing stab. I think one of the problems is the historical element. To place it in context and in order for the story to retain its power, I need to include a lot of historical information. But then it risks sounding didactic. However, if I go info light, it makes no sense-as Herrick’s is not exactly a well known story.

I’m getting more and more annoyed with it. Gr. Probably, I’ll start posting up -you know the pieces I’ve been hacking up in private.

If anyone with time could give me constructive crit that would be helpful.


2 Responses to “Freedom Blues”

  1. my NaPoWriMo fell by the wayside too …

    april is the difficultist month … what with easter holidays and visiting people and having all manner of birthdays and whathaveyou …

    do you have a certain length of time to fill with freedom? is it supposed to be one piece?

    could you do an introduction that fills in the historical stuff so you don’t have to weigh down the actual work with it?


  2. 7-8 minutes, but I want to follow the Heyrick piece with my singing piece. Could do the introduction thing…but would rather not if can help it. Ideally I’d like the piece to stand alone-but I’ll have a think…


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