Lovely Pam

April 16, 2007

Lovely Pam (as she is officially known, to at least 2 other people that I am aware of ) has been giving me some great advise regarding my Lizzy poem. At heart, I am a reasonably lazy person, so at first the prospect of working the piece further didn’t fill me with a great deal of Sunny D..but you know, good advise is very hard to come by and Pam knows her stuff.

I use to know someone called Pam (not this Pam ) that I had great respect for (though, obviously, I also have a great deal of respect for this Pam too) (as I do for many people, so don’t go feeling excluded;). Anyway, this other Pam – I was fond of calling her Auntie Pam, or Pammy. Not to her face though-as she also scared me a little. I will try very hard not to call this Pam, Pammy.

Anyway, there is a point to this post…I’ve decided the best way to ease myself into any potential redraft is going to be a piecemeal one. What I mean is, I’m going to try and organise Lizzy’s thoughts in blog posts as they occur, that way I won’t lose them. You don’t even want think about how disorganised my Word docs are getting (loads of copies of the same sections, historical information, cut and pasted from Google, more cut and pasted stuff…) – they’re a nightmare.

So, here’s something-addressing the audiance (as Pam has very sensibly suggested). I’d wanted to mention it before, but so far haven’t…

You know – in America
I’m remembered
as the first one to speak out
for abolitionism- but I –

don’t want fame and-
don’t get me wrong,
this is hardly that. Nowadays,
you be hard pressed
to even find my picture up-

Google me.
Go on, Google me:
2 siloettes, 4 photos of my pamphlet
and more pictures of Wilberforce
than you’ll find of me.

I don’t want fame
but that’s not the point-
is it?
Not really.


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