Poorly Girl

April 18, 2007

Those of you following my Myspace Twitter, will know that I’m currently ill. It has it’s benefits. I get to write poetry in nightwear. Very slowly. Of course it has its lesser benefits. Coughing up ‘small quantities of phlegm, roughly approximate to a half teaspoon’ (my doctors analysis..I saw a med student..she was very thorough;)

Anyway, there’s a point to this shameless sympathy seeking. I’m meant to be running a poetry workshop this afternoon (Leicester’s Richard Attenborough Centre) would anyone be interested in any kind of heroic stepping in to cover it?

I’m thinking mainly of suspects already known to me – but that my man flu is making me too exhausted to contact individually. However, don’t let that stop you if you’re over from America, facilitate poetry (makes it sound so grand doesn’t it?;) and are at a loose end….;)

Let me know!


5 Responses to “Poorly Girl”

  1. hope you’ve got someone

    of course i’d do it except it’s my birthday and the whole day is planned including an imminent trampolining picnic … could be messy …

    take care lovely lydia


  2. Oh No! Of course! I’m such a clutz-it slipped my phlegmy mind! Though not on a subconscious level…obviously-I have actually been thinking of original ways to suprise you all week (ok-mostly, ringing up and singing Happy Birthday, but, hey, still). Ah, failure. Can you IMAGINE that I rang up and surprised you with a rendition? I still sound a bit scooby doo, so will prob sound better in your head anyway…Happy Birthday Fishbone!

    I’ll be better in a few days. Can we all do something belated for you?


  3. James said

    Hope you make a speedy recovery soon, laid up Lydia.

    Just out of interest, did you get a knight in shining armour come to your rescue and offer to run the poetry workshop this afternoon? I hope someone was kind enough to step in.

    I’m also sort of ill myself. Well that’s probably a lie. I’ve started to feel the first effects of hayfever today. I’m not sure if you classify that as an illness or an allergy though. Or is an allergy an illness? Anyway, I’m waffling now and seeing as I’m not currently anywhere near as poorly as you are I’ll waffle off and leave you in peace with your Beechams 😉


  4. Hey James,

    Not at all, I’m just especially wimpy. Decided to cancel the session in the end-we’ll have an extra one at the end of the course. Think it was just a bit too short notice for most people today…but it was a bit cheeky of me to put the call out!

    Hope you’re good,


  5. The Oracle said

    Poorly Girl

    Whilst you are coughing up small amounts of phlegm, i hope you are finding time, amongst writing all this poetry, to complete your (out of date) LARIS forms Missy!!!


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