Toby Litt-Part 2.

April 18, 2007

Dear Reader,

Cast your mind back a few months. Do you remember the Toby Litt saga?

Brief recap: Toby Litt sends me an email. He’s asking me to be his Bebo Friend. Bebo is the site that alerts you to the birthdays of friends, giving you the chance to purchase appropriate E-cards. I am sent into a joyful tailspin of uncertainty. The result of this joyful angst becomes the Muttering Lydia blog post “Does Toby Litt want me for a Friend”.

Now…earlier today, I was just looking through my blog stats and discovered an unusual referrer. I clicked on them to see who they were-and THIS is what I found…read through the author profile…I’m the fluffy bit they end on.

The internet is a scary place.

Incidentally…though ultimately I never got round to accepting Mr Litt’s offer of Bebo, I did agree to be his Myspace friend. Not that that makes me look in any way well connected. I could very easily also have Nicole Kidman and Doctor Who, as close and personal.

Still, just in case…Toby – are you reading this? Toby?….Nicole?...Doctor…?

2 Responses to “Toby Litt-Part 2.”

  1. tobylitt said

    Hello. In an unscary way, I hope, I am reading this. I think, because you visited my site, too. And I never read this at the time. Sadly.

  2. Oh dear! Re-reading these 8 years on I am of course mortified for my embarrassingly babbling younger self – though still a fan! Hope all is well 🙂

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