April 26, 2007

I’ve never noticed my nose before now.
Other people,
they’ve filled their heads with thoughts of
nose jobs, working
9 to 5 to find the dough
to shape the thing they think is
crows beak,
bulbous root-
I used to laugh at them, think
Beverley Hills
self obsessed
more money than sense
and having
run out of space for clothes
turning to parts of their
bodies instead. Yeah…
I used to think
neurotic and on my more
charitable days – maybe damaged,
body dysmorphia;
the nose that knows too much
about the human condition
and is simply wishing
to self destruct,
snorting coke,
taking blows,
you know-
the surgeon has to break your nose
before he makes it better-
fixes it,
gives it the final job.
The nose job.
I’ve never noticed my nose
before now, but recently
I’ve had some pictures done-
profile, semi-
side on and guess what?
All I can see is
crows beak,
bulbous root.
My mother,
she says
I’ve always had a
slightly Jewish nose
like my father,
like my nose
knows Hebrew
and can read the Cabala
while I remain godless.
My father, he says
she doesn’t really understand
but never liked his mother –
my Jewish Gran,
ever since she called
my mum a fish wife-
and of course,
she’s from a
different generation.
I’ve been looking at my
father’s family albumns
and I think I see my nose-
longer than I thought it was,
maybe slightly horsey,
curving gently out.
But I’d never want to get it broken.
I’d never get it done.


4 Responses to “Nose”

  1. natemcclure said

    I think I like this better although I can see how the prose came to be. I’ve found myself write like that before. Lately I think I just cut to the chase.

  2. Thanks for reading this. Yeah, it is a bit meandering;) Thinking of doing more pieces on other parts- mouth, legs, ear. Funny how all our individual bits seem to have their own stories, isn’t it?

    Where can I read your stuff?


  3. Adagio said

    My nose reminds me of chocolate. Specifically the Nestle Turtle Candies 😉 I like my body the way it is because it is who I am and I like who I am.

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