Steamy Stuff

April 29, 2007

Hmmm. Lately, Lydia appears to have been running out of steam. Today this is particularly ironic. On less steam wanting Sundays, she would normally be going for a run. Not today. Not right now. No. The only running will be the running out. It will be purely metaphorical. It will be done from the comfort of her Mausoleum Sofa.

I need a new sofa, you know. The one I’m sitting on was formerly owned by my parents and when they decided it was too decrepet to keep, I was first in line to inheret. Now, me and Mauseleam have been together in One Bedroom Towerblock, for almost a year and a half.

Someone once told me that major physical changes often become visible like the skins of an onion. So, the skin is worn down very gradually. On a day to day basis you just don’t notice. However, one day the last patch of onion skin collapses and the devastation is there for everyone to see.

That’s what’s happened to my sofa. One moment it was fine and I was bemoaning my parents needless consummerism. The next I was sitting on the sofa equivalent of a  90 year old donkey.

What with the lack of steam and no running, me and Donkey make a very sorry sight. At least we have tea to keep us company. Also, other peoples blogs. We read Ivory Fishbones a moment ago and that cheered us. It cheered us so much that we went on to read another blog – a new add.   In the latest post of Karen McCarthy we were able to discover another person (besides ourselves) to become stongly incensed at the wickedness of toilet-less eateries.

This particular issue has been eating at me (excuse the pun) every since encountering the Birmingham Train Station. It has many eateries – but only one pay to use public toilet-located not in them, but in the station. At the time, I nearly wrote a letter of complaint. In the end, I didn’t (this running out of steam actually happens quite often) but I can nevertheless well understand why Karen would have been sufficiently motivated to research trading standards policy.

You know what else gets me? Escalators. Escalators that take you upstairs in big department stores – but only offer stairs to take you out. It’s like they’re doing everything they can to get you in touch with the stuff-but couldn’t care less how comfortable you are if you wish to leave. Bastards.

Nothing like a little letting off steam. And there I was thinking I had none to loose…

One Response to “Steamy Stuff”

  1. glad to be cheering …

    if you want a sofa you can have one of mine … i have too many … one is a futon kind of a thing … not exactly comfy but not a donkey either … squeaky … and doubles as a bed of course … but only for people you don’t wish to be THAT comfortable in the night …

    i don’t know … that could be a good thing …might discourage them from outstaying their welcome?

    hope you get your steam back


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