The Best Monday Morning Ever

April 30, 2007

At first,The Best Monday Morning Ever
appeared to be no different
to any other Monday Morning-

lesser, in the usual way
of brutal Monday mornings
from all across the world.

At 7am, we were lifted
from the dark blue loam of Weekend bed,
like frost forced vegetables.

My back was bent from awkward sleep-
and your hair curled like a mollusk
reluctantly leaving its pillow.

And it was the same as every other
Monday Morning always is, except
The best Monday Morning ever

was not just any other Monday Morning.
First, sickening for the summer cold
that you had borne like a package

of pressed white tissues,
like a the letters of a virus,
etched in invisible ink –

you rang in sick.
I consulted my diary.
Deciding that if I just swapped

my A for B, my Monday Morning
could be replanted – I rang the office
and talked of

lighthouse Thursdays
shining with appointments
while Mondays, dull and boring

were not to be noticed by anyone.
And suddenly-
it was The Best Monday Morning Ever.

There was toast and tea
and hot brown chocolate
drunk with scattered pillows.

There was Apple and Blackberry jam
spread on slabs of thick brown toast.
There was Radio 4 and a

book of poetry by Billy Collins
with a black Alsatian and a
floppy earred rabbit –

bounding on the cover
like real live pets.
And there was a blue sky

seen through the rectangular mirror
of window. There was a black winged raven
gliding like an eagle and a red brick tower

shining in the sun. On The
Best Monday Morning Ever
I did yoga cobras in bed and you

surfed the internet
with gold and steaming lemsip.
On The Best Monday Morning Ever

it was better than all the
rare and shiny Christmas Days,
than all the summer holidays,

all the Saturdays and Sundays
of the weekend. On The
Best Monday Morning Ever

it was like missing algebra
and PE
and Home Economics.

On The best Monday Morning Ever
there was an open bathroom door
and a whole flat

that smelt like dewberries
and rainbows
and flowers.

And then
at the end of the
Best Monday Morning Ever

There was Monday Afternoon.

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