May 7, 2007

God. Forget The Best Monday Morning Ever, this weekend was amazing. But I really didn’t think it would be. The plan: I would be spending 2 whole days, 11am to 6pm in Derby, working on the first drafts of my Freedom Showcase pieces. I’ll just say that again: Derby. My WHOLE weekend. No, it didn’t seem like a very promising prospect…and it’s always nice to be proved wrong.

I’m buzzing more bits than someone high on cocaine, wine and pringles. It was amazing-and I now see how incredibly churlish it was of me to object. After-all, what I didn’t mention, was that I would be spending 2 whole days receiving professional mentoring from the amazingly talented Malika Booker and Kevin Fagin-and that I would also get to be spending all that time with the rest of our cast-who sickening as this will sound, are just SO lovely.

It’s gone 12pm, Bank Holiday Monday and I’m lying about in bed. I spent all yesterday evening reading and writing…and all this morning reading and writing. I think I may have developed some kind of embarrassing crush on EVERYONE I properly met over the weekend-and I actually half wish I could have been getting up to go there again today.Our director is still a little bit scary-but that’s only because she’s so perfect. Yes, I know, I sound ridiculously, embarrassingly, shamefully sycophantic-but I can’t seem to help myself, it’s all just been so exciting.

The people I’m working with are just so fucking interesting….

I’ve talked to SureShot (one of the other poets) before, but it was only really at our final audition and then over this weekend, that I got to know him a bit more. Me and Nick King went with him in his little blue car, with the shaky floor and the jazz funk music. Turns out he knows everything about music, is a bit of vinal junkie, sometimes sings bits of his poems and has rapped large portions of the Book of Revelations. He used to live in London, has done poetry with the prisoners where he works and has strong feelings about the word Nigger. We had this great chat about how the word compared with Cunt, and it got me thinking about the relationship between feminist and anti racist arguments. Didn’t even mind our 2 hour wrong turning on Saturday night!

Nick King and Kevin Wallace write like angels. Oh dear…I actually want to do a run down of them and all the other writers too…only if I do, you’ll stop reading won’t you-or possibly won’t start reading because this blog post will look like a book. Hmm. How to continue waffling AND still keep you with me…I KNOW…I’ll start a new blog post after this one….!

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