Freedom Showcase Journal.

May 7, 2007

So, it’s much later on in the day, somewhere towards the end of the afternoon.I’m sitting in Borders having coffee; considering buying poetry; writing this. Still feeling good about the weekend. As I said in my earlier post, what was great was getting to spend time with other writers and performers. But should you be interested, here’s what actually happened…

After the photo shoot bit was out the way, each poet got to perform their first draft and receive a critique from the group. Later in the day, Malika and Kevin took each poet off and gave one on one feedback.

The range of work demonstrated was very diverse. Ensemble rap and chorused refrains (the Blair brothers) cut against narrative pieces that introduced interesting characters, each struggling towards their own idea of freedom (I’m particulary thinking of Mr Jones here). A few people are playing with character monologues and then there are pieces (my own included) where there might well be potential for using other members of the cast.

While individuals were off getting feedback, the rest of us had the luxury of chilling out with a mini library of poetry, put together by Malika. As someone who’s current coffee and poetry book expenditure, could easily equate to the first down payment on a small house-this was a little dangerous (you know, what with the giving of ideas!) but I’ve now discovered some really wicked writers-not least, Kim Addonizio. If you ever get a chance – beg, borrow or steal, ‘Tell Me’. The stuff runs from monogue to philosophical ponderings on what it means to be alive and to have to get through days. She incorporates a strong vein of autobiography in her work, which for me really struck a cord. Work that is shot through with honesty, which is unflinchingly frank – and which crawls with the kind of language you want to scoop up in shells and swallow back-this is the kind of stuff I like to read and this is the kind of stuff I want to write.

Breaktimes were groovy, but I think it was probably my fault that we all started talking about male and female genitalia. What can I say? The Vagina Monologues were lying around and ever since first reading it, the subject has always fascinated me. Poets and sex. I dunno!

On the Sunday afternoon, Kevin led us in a group writing exercise. Working quickly on ripped up pieces of paper, each of 3 groups were helped to generate a shared poem, which was then presented to the whole. I worked with Sureshot and Spice (which made me want an exciting name too, but what’s to be done?) I was actually really pleased with the piece we came up with and the way we worked together to perform it. It was also nice to get to know Spice (Jo-Anne Blackwood) a bit more. She’s one of those beautifully put together woman with loads of energy and strong ideas. Also, kick ass style.

Hmm. Am I gushing again? I’m going to stop now anyway. Hopefully Spice’ll be emailing me and Sureshot the exercise piece we made. When I get it I’ll stick it up here.

Off to do some writing on another project now – kind of exploring gender and the body. I’ll be working on the pieces and as always, sticking them up here as works in progress…

3 Responses to “Freedom Showcase Journal.”

  1. sounds very jolly … am envious!


  2. Pam said

    Sounds great, Lydia. I’ve worked with Kevin Fegan before. He’s very talented and generous.

  3. yooo hooo pam … yes isn’t kevin a love?

    he did a writer’s residency in harborough in about 91 i think … very interesting that was …

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