Audio Tracks

May 12, 2007

Just figured Pineapster out, so-should you want to hear me perform Sharon’s Hair or, for that matter Get Your Tits Out, click here….

2 Responses to “Audio Tracks”

  1. James said

    Ouch, I made the mistake of listening to “Get Your Tits Out” and I think it may just have shattered my ear drums! On balance though, I think it was worth it, as after I got over the initial shock I did find it very funny.

    Now, I don’t mean to be pedantic here Lydia, but wasn’t it Gail Porter who lost all her hair and not Natalie Portman? Or did her’s all fall out as well? I dunno.

    Anyway, hope you don’t mind me leaving 2 comments in a row. It does seems a bit quieter on here these days. Where is everyone?

  2. No one likes me anymore. That’s all. NOthing to be concerned about;)

    Yes…Gail Porter. Damn. I think you’re right. Will have to change it. Wonder how the name will fit…

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