Poet walks into a bar. Barwoman says…

May 15, 2007

I like a bit of poetry.
In its place. I like a bit of Blake-
Songs of Innocence,
though I’ve never read them,
just like the idea.

No dirty words.
No muck. No filth.
No nothing that I
don’t want to hear
I like a bit of poetry-

but if it’s got
swearing, if it’s got sex,
if it’s dirty with life
and what it’s really like
you better take it elsewhere

I don’t read poetry to challenge me.
I don’t read poetry at all.
But I like the idea of it.
In an ideal world
It’d be about-

and animals and weather,
it’ll be about nothing
much in particular-
and it wouldn’t swear.

We don’t want to hear
fuck and cunt or condom
make it- very
don’t talk about – down there
and you shouldn’t be having sex-

at all
If you need the occasional expletive
to capture the horror of war,
talk about –
sunshine instead

or love that isn’t messy,
that doesn’t pull you inside out,
that doesn’t leave you bloody
and gutted and bleeding
on the floor.

and if that’s what it’s actually like,
make up something –
nicer. Inoffensive.
Make up something-

that can be played over dinner,
that people can easily ignore
make up something
you’re a poet aren’t you?

Shakespeare leaves.


2 Responses to “Poet walks into a bar. Barwoman says…”

  1. natemcclure said

    I like it.

  2. Thanks alot. Almost glad the incident leading to it happened!

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