The Vegetarian’s Nightmare

May 17, 2007

Following on from the big fun freestyling at Mondays Fifth Quarter, I decided to use the writing around random words idea to start some exercises at my SparkPlugs Group (workshops I facilitate in Leicester). I’m going to put some of the group members work up on the Brightsparks Blog, but here’s one of mine – using the following…CARDIFF, REMEMBER, OPEN, ORDERED, COW, DEATH….

The Vegetarian’s Nightmare

I ordered up a side of cow. A cow
that had caught its death like flu
inside an abatoir, one day in June.
It never saw it coming.

I remember feeling
the open handed slap of guilt
when I took my first bite
and thought about its last-

dieing sigh,
that was probably more of a scream.
The restaurant
was in Cardiff.

I remember wondering
if the cow had traveled far
to reach it. Yes,

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