May 28, 2007

This morning, an email from PSAvalon Press – they will be publishing my How the Cyberman Lost his Heart poem in their 2008 issue of The Synthesist !

Apart from the occasional journal, PSAvalon mainly publish books and focus on the 2 areas of: self development and poetry. They say they ‘like it a lot’.


Later this year they’ve got a book coming out by Feminist writer, Caeia March. Think I might check it out.

It’s my birthday tomorrow 🙂


17 Responses to “Publication!”

  1. Clay Lowe said

    Congrats on getting your piece published. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a few hours early…


  2. Adagio said

    “Congratulations and Happy Birthday. Your efforts will enter the minds of many. Thank you for sharing.” – Adagio

  3. catherine said

    Congratulations, and happy birthday (seems these comments are getting repetitive. Never mind, it is well deserved)

  4. Pam said

    Well done…more repeates of Happy Birthday!

  5. Pam said

    Well done…more repeats of Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Lydia

    and well done on the story …

    hope to see you soon!

    lots of love


  7. (i meant poem … doh!)

  8. A neighbour said

    Congratulations from me too (for what that’s worth, coming from a non-poet, whose only real distinction is living in the same building as you).

    I trust this makes up for the PMT, and perhaps even the theft of your saddle and wheels.

    I also hope you are in the midst of a hugely enjoyable bidet ‘period’..

  9. Lola said

    That’s great news. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Thanks everyone xxxxxxx

    So lovely to get so many kind happy birthdays and nice thoughts. Obviously, I will be adhering to the ‘birthday for a fortnight surrounding the actual day’ rule;)

    Lots of love,

    Lydia x

  11. catherine said

    Lydia, if you e-mail me (the address is on my profile page on my blog), I’ll send you a copy of the poem. I can’t seem to find your e-mail anywhere.

  12. Mrs Nghembou surrogate said

    On behalf of Mrs Nghembou and myself, I’d like to wish you another joyous day within the ongoing b’day festival.

    By the way, I hope you got a card from Mr Paraschou; I think it’s the least he could do, after all you’ve done to immortalise him, as well as protecting him from his creditors.

  13. Hey again Mrs N Surrogate. Yes, another day of joyous celebrations. I even got another present. No word from Mr Paraschou as yet, though I expect to hear from his creditors in good time;)

  14. Arachnopoet said

    No word from Mr Paraschou? That’s gratitude for you.

    Perhaps I could paraschout down from my floor and skilfully manoeuvre, SAS fashion, into your flat, with a carton of Muller Rice…no, wait a minute, I’m on the wrong side – serious rethink required.

    As chance – or perhaps something more meaningful – would have it, I received another letter for Mrs Nghembou yesterday. I was actually tempted to open this one, to see whether it inspired my muse to sing like yours, but in the end I just slipped it into the letter-box at reception as usual. I did start writing a poem, however; obviously an uninspired one…

  15. Confused parachutist said

    Hmm, that was a bit muddled, wasn’t it? I think the procedure I was referring to is known as ‘abseiling’, but, as that would not constitute a pun on the name ‘Paraschou’ there would really have been no point in bringing it up.

    Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that any attempt to parachute from a ninth floor window would simply result in a pile of broken bones and a pool of blood (which has actually occurred adjacent to our building, you know).

    I see my reference to my poem really got your attention…not one of my more successful posts, all in all.

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