Things I was given for my birthday (2)

June 3, 2007

Four books of Poetry-
mentioned off handedly
in the company of the
ambulance man
when he came to my flat
on the morning after,
in order to see
my boyfriend.

Two – individual punnets
of Rachel’s Organic Rice Pudding
in a pale pink gift bag,
given to the bartender
to put in their fridge-
before the night
was over.

A small red envelope,
containing 5 clear marbles,
assorted colours.

A large box of Maltesers
Lighter than ordinary chocolate,
but not when eaten
in place of breakfast

Suitably poetic
batheing products:

Milk and honey
bubble bath,

grapeseed oil
body scrub,

a heart shaped candle
in a plastic box.

Money. Lots of money. Always nice.
a new set of wheels for my bike.
A hair cut. My hair died – and looking
suprisingly good for it.

My boyfriend –
was alright.
Don’t worry about him.
It was just a burgeoning
chest infection –
but a nasty one
so we weren’t wasting
ambulance time.

A nice chat
with the nice man
in the green uniform.

His name was Sudiq.
He thought I was a student.
He liked my cards.


2 Responses to “Things I was given for my birthday (2)”

  1. i hope you are going back for the rice puddins … muller will never be the same

    hope boyf is getting better …

  2. Yep, went back this afternoon. Bartender quite amused;) You’re right, Muller will no longer be adequete. Def developed a hierarchy!

    Boyf is bearing up. Large quantities of penicilin.

    Hopefully c u at WORD…


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