Things I was given for my birthday (3)….

June 4, 2007

Four books of Poetry-
mentioned off handedly
to the ambulance man
when he came for my
boyfriend –
on the morning

Two – individual punnets
of Rachel’s Organic
Rice Pudding –
in a pale pink gift bag,
given to the bartender
to put in their fridge, forgotton
before the night was over.

A small red envelope,
containing 5 clear marbles,
assorted colours.

A large box of Maltesers
Lighter than ordinary chocolate,
but not when eaten
in place of breakfast

Milk and honey
bubble bath,

grapeseed oil
body scrub,

a heart shaped candle
in a plastic box.

Money. Lots of money. Always nice.
a new set of wheels for my bike.
A hair cut. My hair died – and looking
suprisingly good for it.

My boyfriend –
was alright.
Don’t worry about him.
It was just a burgeoning
chest infection –
but a nasty one
so we weren’t wasting
the ambulance’s time.

A nice chat
with the nice man
in the green uniform.

His name was Sudiq.
He thought I was a student.
He liked my cards.

6 Responses to “Things I was given for my birthday (3)….”

  1. Envious injunction candidate said

    Ah well, not much poetic potential in ‘Kill Kill bookmark’ or ‘link to the Pirelli Film Quiz’, I see.

    Not a bad haul, though; I think that’s more presents than I’ve had in all my birthdays put together. (Zero for the last ten, at least, in case you’re wondering).

  2. Sheona said

    Lydia – please email me!

  3. My own biggest critic said

    That should have read ‘Kill Bill’, obviously (as if I weren’t embarrassed enough already).

    Oh, and a small nit-pick for you as well, if you don’t mind: I don’t think you can do anything ‘off handly’; off-hand or off-handed perhaps, maybe even off-handedly – I don’t know without checking which is absolutely correct, but I’m pretty sure ‘off handly’ is not a runner.

    Email me too, if you like; it’s not over already, is it, Lydia?

  4. Critic, you are absolutely right. It is indeed off-handedly. In my poetic haste I sadly must have got carried away.

    Regarding the birthday, well- you know I think it just might be. I’ve strung it out for well over a week now-and two weekends-people only have so much patience;) I was going to attempt to squeeze further mileage by doing some birthday poems at WORD tonight-but am going to talk about Leicester’s first poetry SLAM instead-so just do one shortish non birthday poem, that will confuse no one.

    Do you know about WORD? It’s just round the corner at Bambu Bar – 8pm…all the Scooby Gang will be there, if you want to.

  5. Haha nice. I haven’t commented in a while, so this is my two pretty pence – I should be working, too, so I hope you apprieciate it all the more. I really like this. Sounds like you had the birthday to end all birthdays…

    the end of birthdays – what a scary thought.

    peace out,

  6. R U Sirius said

    “My hair died – and looking
    suprisingly good for it.”

    If my hair died, I hope I’d have your sang-froid about it, Lydia.

    I’d be happy to offer you my services as a proof-reader, but given my own balls-ups (see above for a good example) I don’t quite have the nerve. Furthermore, after consulting my Concise OED, I see that ‘offhandedly’ has neither a space nor a hyphen.

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