Mission Accomplished

June 9, 2007

So, another Secret Agent Artist mission, has been accomplished. Just got in from being Lizzy and doing poetry with kids at Leicester’s Abbey Pumping Station. All in all it was a groovy outing. Here’s what happened…

I put on my long, mauve coat and strutted my stuff across 3 Freedom Showcase extracts. There was a small crowd. There was a photographer. There were also a few local dignitaries…Lord Mayor, Local MP, all that jazz.

As its first public performance, it seemed to go down pretty well. Said local dignitaries have given firm commitments to attend on the main Showcase date, as have various others. Doing the extracts has also given me some ideas on areas to explore in it’s performance.

Then, there were the kids…

Do you know, I think I actually, really DO like kids. I know. Came as a bit of a shock to me too. But they’re alright. Better than adults really. They did some wicked poetry too. I’m going to be collating it over the next fortnight to create a display at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. If you get a chance to go see, leave a comment in the comments book (that I’ll hopefully have remembered to put out!)

My favourite line came from little Steven and was in response to the exercise “What would happen if everyone in my class was chained together…”His poem began:

“All the girls would die first”

…He was only 11 and 11 year old boys are meant to hate girls, so I forgave him;)

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