Just Say NO (2)

June 11, 2007

No to department stores
No to department stores
that have escalators to take you up
but stairs to take you down
No to coffee shops that lock their toilets
to prevent their use by
No to coffee shops
that don’t do fairtrade:
No to Starbucks
No to Nero
No to Mcdonalds, Burger King
and all other
similar places
No to eating meat
No to recovering the last dregs of flesh
from inside of carcasses
No to Evangelical Christians
No to right wing politicians
No to pro-life anti abortionists
No to reality T.V
No to reality T.V stars
No to reality TV stars, magazines
No to no means yes
when no means no.
No to junk mai, bad sex
and Arthur Conan Doyle
No to Yes
’cause No is no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
No to No way out
there’s always a way
you’ve just got to make it.
No to sugar in tea
No to football and cricket
and all other sports that aren’t
running, gymnastics or tennis.
No to mornings
No to beer
No to poems that are
completely impenetrable
No to Tesco
No to Asda
No to holidaying in Altinkum
No to everyone,
all the time,
just for the moment
No to the ending of all good
No to perms
No to thongs
No to the knowing
of just how to end this

2 Responses to “Just Say NO (2)”

  1. Adagio said

    This is playful and entertaining. No Thank you for sharing.

  2. Clay Lowe said

    Come by my blog and pick up your piece of eight or you shall find yourself walking the plank.

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