Girl walks into a bar…

June 11, 2007

Girl walks into a bar-
says the name’s
“Poetry – Girl
Guy says “Fine
the name’s Tender – Bar
Girl says – “Tender,
I think we’re gonna get on fine,
now – mix me a whisky and soda
and stir it don’t shake it,
while I compose some lines.”

Tender watches Poetry
glide across his floor,
then he says-
“Hey, Poetry – look
you’re like

Poetry in motion”

Poetry laughs
then fixes him with
two cool eyes –
she says
“you’re like the night”

Tender looks at Poetry
and Poetry looks at Tender
and suddenly,
they just both know
what’s on each others mind

-put them together
and they’d make
Tender Poetry-

and for that split moment
they really do think
there is no other kind.

4 Responses to “Girl walks into a bar…”

  1. Clay Lowe said

    Hi Lydia,

    Very clever. I can imagine this performed to a jazzy-blues combo. I was snapping my fingers to an imaginary beat as i read this. I especially like the line: “Hey Poetry – Look you’re like poetry in motion.”

    Tender Poetry…is there any other kind? (in my best Jack Nicholson impression)

  2. i really like this one …

    plus i think you might get along with

    if you haven’t seen them … if you have … beg pardon


  3. Ooh-no. I hadn’t heard of them before. They look groovy! Thanks ever so:)


  4. I so like this.
    Brilliant poetry.

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