June 18, 2007

This morning and back to the Abbey Pumping Station. I was…

Trailing Lizzy Heyrick
Promoting the Freedom Showcase and
Edu-taining 50 (yes, that’s 50) 11-13 year old, school children.

It went well. Obviously, I’d tried to imagine the worse…the kids would be little monsters, hell bent on not digging the performance and not being into the idea of writing poetry. And guess what? They were fine. More than fine in fact. Lovely. Oh, they were rowdy and loud and apparently even elicited a couple of complaints from older users of the museum (sigh) but the most important thing was that they were really into it all.

After my Freedom taster, the young whipper snappers did some pretty cool poetry – which they also confidently illustrated. I left out some wavy safety scissors, glue sticks and art materials, stuck up work from my other groups session and did a round of the room to mentor the poetry writing. When I came back – well, they’d made like genius sponges. They’d built on the example pieces and produced stuff I never would have believed that age group able to. My pastel collection will never be same, but the final results make their sacrifice worth it. Well, kind of;)

All 50 of the little mavericks dutifully took home a Freedom Flyer for their parents to peruse. I caught one little group gathered around such a said flyer, pointing at the photos and in the hushed tones of the unintended stage whisper, debate:

‘Is that her?’
‘No that’s not her.’
‘Is it though?’
‘I dunno.Not sure.’
‘I reckon it is you know’

Ah, fame at last;)

I’ll be pulling all the work produced by these budding Blake’s into an exhibition at the main Newalk Museum, later this year. The Museum service also seems to want me to do another session in October. So, must have gone well I guess:)

After the super kids left, MATV turned up to film the exhibition and then also me, reading the first part of my commission piece. Before you get excited, that’s MATV- NOT– MTV.  But be still my beating heart, we can still dream;)

Can’t get MATV on my set, so if anyone catches the broadcast let me know how it looks. These things are impossible to control…

All for now,

Lydia x

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