I woke up holding your hand

June 23, 2007

and it was like some kind of magic spell:
your hand – flat back of knuckle,
curling into
my palm –
fingers gently curved up,
like a Venus fly trap –
if someone took a stick
and gently pressed its tip
into the net of
palm lines
it would circle like a conch
or a rhoda-demdrum
or a rose, rising to the air
from underneath of water –
but your hand –
when I lay my thumb inside of
your hand –
it is simply held.

2 Responses to “I woke up holding your hand”

  1. Stranger to good taste said

    This wasn’t Mr Paraschou by any chance, was it?

    P.S. Are you absolutely sure you want me to carry on like this, Lydia?

  2. That, too, was excellent.

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