Ode to Lemn Sissay

June 23, 2007

I’m falling in love with Lemn Sissay.
Lemn Sissay: the poet.
Lemn Sissay: the creatively industrious
pioneer. I’m becoming obsessed
with Lemn Sissay-
Lemn Sissay who
I do not know at all.

I saw him in a magazine
his photograph a smudge
of charcoal black and blue.
And later on (a week or so)
an article about a show
at which he’d been to speak-

And the reviewer said:
“Lemn Sissay
was erudite and well conceived”

And the reviewer said,
that “when he read his poetry
he read it well – with poise and

And I’d never even heard
of Lemn Sissay-
but this morning on the radio
I turn it on and here again
he’s going to read a piece –

who’s everywhere I go
and who I’ll probably never meet

with your intellectual weight
and your Calvin Klein like sweep,
with your London based acclaim
and your heady rise to fame
and your way of making
everyone who hears you fall
a little head with feet-

Lemn Sissay if we
ever chance to meet
I think I’ll say I half recall-
but wonder if you’ll
just remind me.

And if you say there’s nothing worse
Than Hero Worship, Fan Based Fic
I’ll act real cool
and smile real sweet
and never read this piece in London
and totally agree.

12 Responses to “Ode to Lemn Sissay”

  1. What do you mean your falling in love with Lem Sissay?!


  2. A voice from the grave said

    It wouldn’t be so bad if it were Stanislaw Lem; at least he’s dead.

  3. The voice of reason said

    Just to clarify the previous comment – I wasn’t advocating necrophilia, you know.

  4. A cautionary voice said

    I’ve just had a terrible thought: what if it had been Lemmy? How can you tell whether he’s alive or dead?

  5. A voice too far said

    Or a lemming? First necrophilia, now bestiality! I had no idea your poems explored such obscene territory, Lydia!

  6. Lemn Sissay said

    I’m flattergasted. 🙂 Must work harder.

    Lemn Sissay

  7. Hello-is that really you?!

    Heard you’re doing Blackdrop in October – so will def try and make it down. I’m afraid I’d make a terrible poetry stalker-I haven’t even see you live. lol:)

  8. Lemn Sissay said

    Yes it was me. I did do the event at Blackdrop this month. Here’s what I said about it if your half interested



  9. Hi,

    Tried to post this on your site but it won’t let me! So, putting it here, in case you check back…

    ‘So sorry to have missed it. I do a lot of spoken word and arts related stuff in Leicester and this month has been especially busy with various festivals happening. Got stuck doing something and then it was too late to make it. Very annoying.

    That description of the canal is just beautiful. Makes me think of a poem I read once about a mouse rapidly dissapearing into grass-and that being a metaphor for life missed (can’t remember title or author!)-your swan felt like that in relief though. Hate leaving gushy stuff on peoples blogs, but ‘black water buckling’ and the swan melting past were just so wondeful. Thanks for link. Lydia’

    Will try and register again later. Maybe I’m doing something obvious wrong!

  10. Lemn Sissay said

    Hi Lydia

    I appreciate your comment. You should be able to leave soemthing on my blog. It really miffs me that you couldn’t. Aghhh. I met damien this week in Kendal. Very cool guy.

    Good Wishes

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