Stirring in the Feminax like sweetner.

June 26, 2007

So, what an odd week this is turning into. Yesterday-big scary interview…resulting in me finally getting the big scary job. Better not say what the said big scary job is – not 100% sure it’s allowed to be official yet-not until the last ref has come back. But anyway-it’s a grand job – and one that I’ve spent the last 3-4 years getting the funding in to make happen. Kind of feels a bit odd though-now it finally has.

Then, first SLAM workshop this evening. Always a bit anxiety provoking-first session with a new group of people-and co-facilitating with an excellent facilitator, but one I’ve never worked with before. Hopefully will be fine, but in the few hours before I seem to be having the obligatory nerves.

To be honest, lately life seems like a little bit of an assault course-Challenge Lydia. Museum performance stuff, museum workshop stuff, funding applications, interview, SLAM, Freedom Showcase stuff, the day job…Damo’s always telling me not to bite more than chew-but I never listen and before you can say ‘ohmygod’ I’m curled up on The Donkey, refusing to talk to anyone, ever again.

Luckily though, I seem to have got through most of this in one piece and after tonight I will at least be able to sit down and  focus on the Freedom Showcase. Rather frustratingly it’s had to take a bit of a back seat lately-no time to follow up on the weekend before lasts rehearsals. Still, now the other stuff is done, I can get back in front of the mirror and make like Heyrick.

Meeting the designer tomorrow to pick a dress out for the character I’m portraying. Apparently we’ve got the run of the Leicester Haymarket’s Wardrobe, so that should be good…though I’m terrible when it comes to the trying on clothes and settling on something. The designer’s a bloke. Poor guy;)

Really, I should  now busy around the flat and tidy up before heading out again-but am far too exhausted.Winge,winge,winge. Not helped by bad weather and icky cycle. Winge, winge, winge. Isn’t it always my cycle though? Wasn’t it only just last month?!;)

No, I think what I shall actually do is curl up on The Donkey (sofa, for the uninitiated) and get some furtive shut eye. May even make some tea. Stirring in the Feminax like sweetner…

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