Chicken Ship

July 1, 2007

Long ago,
in a place
far, far away from here
I knew this girl-
who tried to
make a break for freedom-
by making herself small,
thin, inconsequential-
so tiny she’d be able
to slip through nets
and weave escape
like tuna.

That was the idea.

This girl,
she made her body narrow-
like a ship of sticks
and pitched herself
into the mint green water.
She set her head against the wind
and let her dry hair lift.
she folded up
her spindly arms,
her legs, her feet
like broken chicken wings,
but she forgot –

chicken cannot fly.
and chicken do not swim.

This girl she sank.
Misplaced maps
of calorie counters
and scales for weighing fish,
pills for di-eting
floating up like flotsam,
like the debris
from a wreckage.

This girl – sail like skin
stretched tight across
her skull and
crossed bones-
cracked and bleeding
like a crushed stone,
reeling from the impact-
– this girl she got to thinking:

maybe this was not the way
to getting free.

One Response to “Chicken Ship”

  1. Quite strange…..
    Of course, I love.

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