Freedom Wears a Long Black Dress

July 6, 2007

So, the other day I dragged our poor, highly skilled film maker/production designer off to find a dress. Not just any old dress mind- THE dress – for Lizzy Heyrick to wear at the Freedom Showcase.

In retrospect, yes, I can now see what a shameful waste of resources this was. You’d have thought after 28 years I’d have had more than enough experience of shopping for clothing. But, y’know, just thought – two heads one, an all that…poor man.

Needless to say the costume shop I dragged him to was wildly inappropriate. Naturally we found nothing suitable, but the experience was still an interesting one.

The two, wildly implausible looking women did not immediately endear themselves to me. The slightly madder of the two (high theatre look with a tape measure looped around her neck) sized me up thus:

‘hmm..broad chest, long body, short legs’ know, I wouldn’t have put it quite like that – and I’d like at this point to make clear that I was wearing hipsters. I DON’T HAVE SHORT LEGS! It was just the angle…and the cut…hmph;/

Anyway, the things they found were quite hideous. too short to be long, too long to be short, scratchy, starchy, velvet dresses…or things bursting with pink underlayed lace and ridiculously high waisted…obviously, to compensate for my apparently, ludicrously long body.

It is perhaps a mark of the poor designer’s horror at his ‘shopping for dresses’ situation, that he seemed quite positive about most of them. When I declared that I would not be reserving any and instead wanted to leave and go look in Debenhams (3 hrs left to late night shopping!;) he may have actually blanched.

Don’t worry I let him and his baby go home.

I did however find the dress. Tucked away in a department store, it’s now one of the few things I own, not acquired from a thrift shop. It’s amazing. It’s long and black and simple and elegant and makes a swishy noise when I walk and I never want to take it off. I want to sit and watch crap TV in it and go down the shops in it and out on the town and off on my bike and maybe even to work-all wearing this amazing thing. But I still recognise that that would be silly. It’s hanging up in my bedroom at the moment. I think it may be talking to me in my sleep….

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