July 8, 2007

Language is funny isn’t it? It’s governed by rules – but then, suddenly those rules can change. It’s like loads of different people have been making up their own sets of official rules and spreading them around without bothering to check whether they’re in conflict with each others.

Take double barrelled terms like Car-sick/sea-sick/travel-sick…the sick after the subject refers to the thing you’re sick of-the thing that makes you ill-that you need to avoid. So home-sick…that should be the same deal-your home makes you sick-you need to get away from it…but it doesn’t work like that. In the case of homesick-it’s the lack that makes you sick – absence not the presence.

So, take a made up term like ‘blog-sick’ and it can go either way. Blogsick could mean I was sick of my blog-or it could mean that I was desperately missing it. Confusing eh? In this case, it means the latter.

I miss my blog. I miss having somewhere safe and lovely and mine to write in. I know my wordpress blog is public-but it feels private-it feels quiet and hidden and safe enough to speak frankishly in. And of course, even when I remember that it’s NOT private-that’s a good thing too-because at least with this kind of blog, I know people are actually reading what I write-I’m not alone like a typewriting primate in space-I’m personally connected into my real networks-and to other people, whose writing I also actually read.

MYspace has come between me and my wordpress. I’ve become so seduced by it’s new networky charms, it’s flashing slide shows and promise of instant gratification, I’ve barely even stopped by here recently-and now I’m blogsick for it. I miss this blog-I miss the other people’s blogs that I read through it. I need to wean myself off Myspace and back on to WordPress. Fingers crossed that I’m not too far gone…

5 Responses to “Blog-sick”

  1. Ernie said

    I love your poetry. Ernie

  2. embarrassingfriend said

    Ah, where embarrassingfriend leads, others will follow.

    There’s only one thing for it, Lydia; you know what you have to do….

  3. Clay Lowe said

    Hi Lydia,

    Have tried migrating to facebook (to replace your myspace addiction)? The advantage is on facebook you can pull through feeds from your wordpress blog and with facebook you also get all the flashy things and social networking stuff like myspace. My blog in now integrated with my facebook page. Just a thought.

    P.S. I’m addicted to reading your blog so I hate it when you disappear on me for days!


  4. Ernie, thankyou-I read a few pieces on your own site and liked them. I’m kind of distracted at the moment though-so will go back after the stuff I have pending is over and try and comment a little more.

    Embarassing friend-what?!what?!

    Clay-that really touched me. I don’t like it when I don’t write here either-it’s definately grounding for me-but it’s just this Freedom Showcase Comission-can’t think about much else at the moment..I’m actually on Facebook too-didn’t know you could link WordPress…will look into, thanks.


  5. embarrassingfriend said

    Am I really that cryptic, Lydia? Perhaps I should rename myself ‘Incomprehensible Friend’?

    That’s not entirely implausible, given that I have – as you may have noticed – changed my avatar to something which some may feel better reflects my persona (you may, conceivably, remember this from my previous blog; I’ll try to come up with something more original in due course).

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