Sitting, waiting for dawn to come

July 9, 2007

There should be a porch. An open
cube of wooden boards, raised by stairs
above a prairie, maybe farmlands, rolling.

The sky, which is still ink pot blue,
the blue of a navy uniform, the blue
of night – trying to change it’s mind

but too far gone to make it-the sky
should have some paleness shining,
shouldn’t be this early. There should be

a cat on my lap or an dog smelling rain
there should be candles – maybe tealights-
maybe storm lamps swinging on an awning.

There should be tea cups cradled
and a chair that rocks
and a shawl.

There should be more –
than this.
But this is what I’ve got.

5 Responses to “Sitting, waiting for dawn to come”

  1. Thanks hon – not been writing much stuff recently, so glad to have produced something. Just living and breathing the Showcase piece-and rather worryingly it’s gone and changed on me! Will be glad when really nailed..

  2. nice, I like this, it immediately striked me as quite American-tinged, like an american folk song or something – but I guess that’s costhey’ve got quite a monopoly on dreaming in this way, all that kinda romantic “natural beauty” rhetoric. I loved this.

  3. Hey Mr Hare,

    Thanks alot, that’s much appreciated:)Was one of those odd quick ones to write-literally written in the early hours, giving up on sleep in the face of insomnia and waking dreaming of an open porch. I did make tea though;)Thankyou again, I’ll get over to your site soon-it’s been ages since I properly surfed.


  4. er…it’s going through a bit of a fallow patch at the moment so you’ve not missed much. Likwise, i would like to surf here more if I didn’t have so much work on 😦 keep up the good work.

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