I’m in France…

July 21, 2007

Damo’s just kicked me out of bed. I’d been dreaming of David Bowie. He’d just come round for Christmas. He’d brought his two black labradors. They were greying around the ears and huge. David was just needing to nip down the post office before settling in for the day. I can’t really explain why the post office was open on Christmas Day. Anyway. Damo completely destroyed it. We leave for France in an hour or so and he has it in his head that we both need to be up for 8.30. I’ll just say that again. Eight Thirty. I miss David. I miss his startlingly real dogs. Ahh. David.

So, we leave for France in half an hour.  This is just a spot of binge blogging. There’s no internet where we’re going. I will miss you blog. Quick round up: everything is done…The big arty job interview, the museum workshops, the Leicester Slam, the next 5 months of acts for WORD, The Freedom Showcase…all done! I’m away for a week, then I start the new job, 2.5days a week, on the Monday. Just as a side note.

If you happen to be a new visiter to this site, just bear in mind that everythig on here is new. That includes the last post. As a first draft it has a lot more work to be done to it-but at least I’m writing again after Freedom:)

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