August 4, 2007

Guess what? I’m going to be in a film!

Fabulous Ivory has written this amazing five minute short, which (quite rightly) has been picked to be made and collected into a film fest type showing this September. It’s gonna play at Phoenix Arts…and I’m going to be in it:)

I’m going to be The Devil.

I’m not sure what Ivory might be trying to suggest with this casting. Obviously, I’m lovely. Butter wouldn’t, yada yada….She said she could hear me say the lines as she wrote them. Hmmm…of course, she also said (and I was careful to remember) that the part also called for a particularly sexy persona. That’s obviously the real reason she approached me. Obviously not about me being a bit evil. No. It’ll be my charismatic charm;)

The script is great. She’d asked me after the Freedom Showcase and briefly outlined the plot then, but I actually only read it today. We met up in the Orange Tree to have a look, and me and Gary (the leading man) were chortling our way through from beginning to end. She’s so clever. Gary’s also brilliant. Saw him compere at The Comedy Fest Awards in April and instantly remembered him when I met him today. Can really see him doing the part.

I want to go on about it; talk about the details, enthuse in a slightly irritating manner…but wouldn’t want to without checking how much is ok to give away…so I should prob keep (mostly) quiet. I may have to work out how to pull a pint though…and will either be recycling my Lizzy dress, or hunting for another….

So excited!

4 Responses to “She-Devil”

  1. embarrassingfriend said

    Great news, Lydia! I remember you mentioning this the other day, and wanted to ask for more details, but I think I took up enough of your time.

    The only drawback – for me – is that my boycotting of the Phoenix will have to be compromised again (or perhaps ‘redefined’) as I suspect this may not be the last time you appear there, or at its eventual successor, in one form or another; a very minor consideration in comparison with your unstoppable rise to stardom, though.

  2. Lol. You never know I guess. This time five years ago, I would have the thought the prospect of me (in any kind of form) on stage at the Phoenix, highly unlikely. Great that all these nice things seem to be happening – for the moment at least.

    Hopefully we’ll do another Brighter Side there, sometime soon. As soon as Lydia pulls her finger out and opens up the dusted over funding application form. Sigh.

    SO, yes, definately a redefining. ‘Andrew will boycott all things unconnected with Lydia.’

    The film fest (which is Nov not Sept as I seemed to think before) sounds like it’ll be good – and Ivory’s film REALLY IS cool. It’s just so well written and funny and clever. Don’t know how she got to be so good at stuff.


  3. James said

    Hey, this sounds exciting. Am I right in thinking this isn’t the first short film that you’ve appeared in? I’m sure you once told me you’d starred in an underground one? This will be bigger though, right?

    Is there nothing you can’t turn your hand to Lydia? Poet, Artist, Actress!! Tell, me something you’re not good at?

    I’m so pleased so many nice things are happening to you at present.

    Take care Miss Beelzebub 😉


  4. linda hart said

    i heard from Tim that you had some lines to learn – but i never imagined it was anything like this – well done LT.

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