August 5, 2007

Here’s the thing about Haircuts.
Here’s the thing about Haircuts.
You never know
what you are going
to get – when you get your
hair cut….


I’m known everywhere
and that’s the first thing they ever say:


Why d’you do it girl?
Why d’you hurt the one you love?
Why d’you take away his strength?


Why, why, why?
Delilah. Delilah like a
knife in gut, Delilah like a
poisonous snake.
Why, why, why?
Delilah. Delilah who
they’d all want dead.

I loved Samson.
I loved him like an insect loves
the kiss of flame. I loved him like a
mother loves a child she’s grown
like a child returns a parent’s gaze
I loved Samson.
Delilah loved Samson.
And then it all went wrong.
But things were never like they said…

5 Responses to “Delilah”

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for that both. There’s actually going to be quite a lot more of this piece. It’s intended as the second in a series of female monologues. Hopefully, it’ll be about the same length as the Elizabeth Heyrick one…just need to get her motivation sorted.

  2. linda hart said

    i liked this one, a lot. although, not being musical at all, i didn’t get the tune, being tone-deaf an all dat.
    if it’s part of a series, i’d like to see/read more. the trouble with poems that are to be set to music, i would probably rave if i heard it sung, but when you read it, i’m conscious of missing something. tra la la.

  3. Hey again Linda,

    Yeah-written down tunes are seldom the most successful…I’m much happier with this piece too. It’ll be longer-I’m just trying to work out D’s motivation-why she did what she ultimately did-without making her weak…or a cold hearted mercenary. It’s a hard one.


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